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    2Rios 2017 Summer Campaign
    Since 1990 2Rios Lingerie Brazil combines comfort with innovation and delights us with exclusive underwear collections for the young, modern women who have a seductive spirit.
    The brand has a complete collection and can be found in more than 20 countries, hang on, let's correct this number, because Australia just made the list, so now 2Rios is present in 21 countries, YAY!  
    Loved by Brazilians and now taking over the world, the brand produces its own microfiber in-house and also develops exclusive colours and patterns in each new collection, which brings innovation and improvement to the Brazilian textile industry.
    2Rios is constantly investing in innovative technology to maintain high-quality products and sustainable practices.
    The collections are launched four times a year (Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer) so every three months, a new collection is designed to maintain the high expectations of the fashion industry.
    2Rios products are 100% Made in Brazil, which guarantee quality and the professional development of local communities. 2Rios is part of a special group of Brazilian brands that are strengthening the Brazilian fashion industry and its highly skilled workforce and we are very excited to share with the rest of the world 2Rios stunning range.  
    Comfy and super trendy bras and panties make 2Rios lingerie a must-have in every woman's underwear collection.
    2Rios Production Line